Bitten By A Dog? Here's What To Do

It's always scary when you or someone with you is bitten by a dog. However, it is also important to keep your head about you and quickly take control of the situation. To do so effectively, follow this simple procedure: 

Step 1: Secure the Dog

A dog that is aggressive enough to bite one person may very well bite another. For this reason, the first step in getting control of a dog bite situation is for the owner to secure their dog.

Step 2: Treat the Dog Bite Injury and Notify the Police  

Once the dog is secured, then the bite injury needs to be treated. If you are able to wash and wrap the wound at home and won't need medical treatment, then you need to do so and then call the local police to come out and write a report of the incident. If you are unable to treat the injury yourself and need to go to the emergency room, then the hospital staff is required by law to report the bite to the local police and will take care of this step for you.

Step 3: Make a Written Record of the Dog Bite Incident

Since there is always a possibility you might need it at a later date, sit down and write down everything you remember about the event. Ask others present to do the same thing for you. This information will help to preserve what happened in case you need it later to refresh your memory.

Step 4: Keep a Record of Everything Related to the Dog Bite Incident

Start a file folder for the dog bite incident and place your written record of the event in it along with:

  • copies of your medical bills
  • a record of your missed work hours
  • bills for removing blood stains

This folder will give you a single place to keep everything related to the incident in case you need it later to help recoup your costs from the dog's owner.

Step 5: Ask the Dog's Owner to Reimburse You for Your Expenses

If you had expenses because of the dog bite, then you have every right to ask the dog's owner to reimburse you for the costs. You should do so in writing and give them ample time to respond. 

Step 6: Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you have racked up a significant number of bills from being bitten and the dog's owner refuses to reimburse you for them, then it's time to call a dog bite lawyer to assist you.

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