Why An Executor Needs An Estate Administration Attorney

Are you running into a few complications as the executor of a deceased loved ones estate? Are you now in a deep hole in the administration process and have no idea how to get out of it? Being that making a mistake with settling the estate can land you in a legal dispute, it is wise to move forward with the help of an estate administration attorney. He or she can assist with various aspects of the administration process and be useful for any legal disputes that arise. After reading through the content below, you will know more about the services of an estate administration attorney.

Wrongfully Closed Bank Accounts

Money is one of the biggest concerns of beneficiaries when there is a lot of it, which sometimes leads to conflict. Did you attempt withdrawing money from the estate owners bank account and found out it was closed? If someone had access to the account before the owner passed away, he or she may have fraudulently withdrawn all the money and had it closed. An estate administration attorney can conduct an investigation to resolve the problem. He or she will find out who closed the account and start the legal process of getting the money back.

Fraudulent Unpaid Debt Claims

Fraudulent claims that the deceased person has unpaid debts sometimes come up when he or she has an estate plan in place. Some people will go as far as presenting documents for the debts that are not legit. If you a few debts in the estate that you have doubts about, don't pay them until an attorney has advised you to. An attorney will take a look at each alleged debt to find out if they are owed by the deceased. In some cases, the debts are real but the creditors demand more money than is actually owed.

Present Documents to Beneficiaries

It is your job as the estate executor to ensure that documentation is provided to the beneficiaries about how assets are handled. Even something as minor as a hat that the deceased estate owner wanted to give to a specific person must be properly documented. An attorney is handy for helping you document each asset in an organized manner. The reason why the organization of the documents is important is that it will make it easier for you and your attorney to prove what's included in them if they are contested by a beneficiary.

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