4 Reasons You Might Be Denied Disability Assistance

If you suffer from a disability you might be wondering if you could qualify to receive disability benefits. There are many people who get those benefits, and there are many who are denied. What is the difference? There are many factors that go into receiving disability assistance. Here are some reasons that you might be denied disability insurance.

1. Your Disability Doesn't Last Long Enough

One of the main reasons people don't receive disability benefits is that their injury is short-term. For instance, you might have injured yourself and needed to get surgery on your leg. In that time you only have to wait until the leg heals from surgery then you can get back to work. The disability office doesn't see that as being severe enough to qualify for receiving benefits.

In order to receive benefits you will need to have a significant injury or disability that causes you to be unable to work for a significant amount of time. It is not even worth your time applying if the healing will be quick.

2. You Are Not Following Your Doctors Prescribed Regimen

It is vital that you follow your doctors prescribed regimen for healing. If you are suppose to go to physical therapy every week, if you are suppose to take medications, and abstain from certain foods and beverages, you have to do all of that before. The disability office will not help you unless you are doing everything that you can to help yourself. Thus, make sure you are doing everything that your doctor tells you to do so that you can prove that you are trying your hardest to get well.

3. Your Disability Is Because Of Drug Or Alcohol Use

If you have brought the injury or disability upon yourself because of drug or alcohol use you will not qualify for assistance. The people who get disability assistance are those who had some sort of condition that was because of no fault of their own. Consequently, if you have a genetic condition, like severe arthritis that prohibits you from working, you could get disability assistance. If you have liver failure from alcoholism, you could not.

4. You Have Committed Fraud In The Past

Lastly, if you have ever made a fraudulent claim you will not get disability. You will be disqualified from benefits and you will have to find alternative ways to get the assistance that you need. 

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