5 Reasons You May Be Denied Workers' Compensation Benefits

Recovering from a serious injury can cost time and money. If you have been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to receive workers' compensation of your injuries. However, you will have to prove this before you can expect payment from your employer. Knowing the reasons that workers' compensation is commonly denied may help you if faced with this unfortunate dilemma.

Reason #1: Dishonesty

One of the most common reasons compensation is denied from an employer is being untruthful. Reporting that an injury occurred while on the job and it happened at another location is engaging in fraudulent activity and you will not receive payment.

You will be required to prove to your employer that you got hurt in a office or building where you work before you can expect to receive payment. For instance, if you had others who witnessed your accident or if a doctor confirmed your injuries may have happened at work, this could help your case.

Reason #2: Medical providers

In most cases, in order to receive workers' compensation, you must visit a doctor or hospital that your employer recommends. Going to a medical provider that has not been approved by your boss can forfeit the possibility of being reimbursed.

Reason #3:  Intoxication

Drinking alcoholic beverages on the job is typically not allowed. If your injury occurred while you were intoxicated, you would not be eligible for workers' compensation.

Additionally, you may be required to take a test to determine if any alcohol was in your system the day of the injury.

Reason #4: Pre-existing condition

Filing a workers' compensation claim for a health problem previously had will cause you to be denied payment. For instance, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome before getting hired, you can't claim this injury happened on your job.

Reason #5: Horseplay

Breaking workplace rules that call for proper conduct and behavior can make you ineligible for workers' compensation benefits. If you are engaging in horseplay with others and break a bone, for instance, you will be unable to get payment from your employer for your injury.

Finally, if you have filed a workers' compensation claim and you feel it has been wrongfully denied, you need an attorney. Firms like Arrington Schelin & Munsey PC can help you find the right workers' compensation attorney for your situation. By retaining the assistance of an attorney who knows the laws about workers' compensation may help you if you are involved in a situation of this type.

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