Three Things You Should Know If You Are Injured While Using Rideshare Services

If you have sustained injuries as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you will need to contact a personal injury attorney. Naturally, you should seek medical attention, immediately. As soon as possible, you consult an attorney. The following are three important reasons for doing this.

They can determine who is at fault in the accident

Don't go down the path of determining who is at fault in the accident. As a passenger, you probably didn't see everything that happened, and on top of that, you may have been influenced by your driver who is likely blaming another vehicle. Furthermore, there may have been other factors in the accident, such as road conditions or mechanical issues with the rideshare vehicle. A lawyer understands how to read a police report, and combined with their knowledge of traffic laws, they likely have a better idea of who is at fault than you are.

They have experience in negotiating with businesses

Rideshare companies may try to contact you and get a statement from you or their insurance company, but you should avoid giving any type of statement to any company that contacts you until you can speak to an attorney. Questions asked by these companies will be geared toward producing advantages that are created by your answers. You won't be aware of this until a later time, if you are ever aware of them. Attorneys have experience speaking to insurance companies and with businesses that operate commercial vehicles. The latter are frequently involved in auto accidents. Although rideshare drivers carry insurance on their cars, both companies carry liability insurance, so they may attempt to settle quickly without a passenger hiring an attorney.

They can get you all the compensation you are entitled to

There are many areas of compensation that you may be legally entitled to but are unaware of. It is a personal injury attorney that knows exactly which ones you have legal standing to collect on. Without legal training and experience, you will not know the full range of compensation open to you, and equally important, how much you are justified in receiving. The difference between the total compensation a lawyer can get for you and what you are likely to get without a lawyer can be sizable. So much so that studies have shown that an injury accident victim with an attorney receives more money, after attorney fees are subtracted, than what they get without an attorney.

If you're injured in an accident as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, consult an attorney. They can determine who's at fault in an accident, they have the experience to negotiate with rideshare businesses, as well as insurance companies. And they can get more compensation for you than you could ever hope to get yourself.

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