Facing The Maximum Penalty For A First Time OVI Offense

Operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) of alcohol or another drug is dangerous and shows negligent behavior. Anyone who drives under such a condition is risking the lives of other people, which is why an OVI is an offense that comes with a big penalty. Although it is a good thing that the authorities are strict about OVI offenses, sometimes the penalties are too strict. For instance, if someone was caught driving under the influence for the first time and feels remorseful about the incident, receiving the maximum penalty might be a bit overboard. If you are scared because you are facing the maximum penalty after committing an OVI offense for the first time, you need to hire a lawyer fast. 

The Situation Surrounding Your OVI Offense

Whether the maximum penalty is deserved or not for your first OVI offense depends on the situation. For instance, if you caused an injury collision while you were driving under the influence, you might deserve the penalty that you are facing. Even in such a case, a lawyer can help you get a lower penalty by using his or her legal strategies. If you did not cause a collision and were pulled over based on the suspicion that you were intoxicated, you likely do not deserve the maximum penalty as a first-time offender. To better understand how to help you in court, a lawyer must know honest details about the offense and why you are facing the penalty.

Automatic Suspension of Your Driver's License

When someone is caught driving under the influence, it usually leads to the automatic suspension of his or her driver's license. However, the automatic suspension could depend on the state laws where the offense took place. The reason for the automatic suspension is to protect the public from drunk or high drivers and the possibility of fatal accidents. If your driver's license was automatically suspended due to your OVI offense, a lawyer can work to get the penalty lifted. For example, a lawyer might ask for a vehicle interlock device to be installed rather than suspending your driving privileges.

Requesting the Minimum Penalty in Court

Depending on the overall details of your case, a lawyer will suggest the minimum penalty for your first OVI offense. For example, he or she might suggest a short jail sentence or that you are fined rather than sentenced to jail. A lawyer might suggest that you give back to society by performing community service as well. For specific details regarding how a lawyer can assist with your OVI case, call for a consultation to find out.

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