What You Should Do If You Think You Aren't Getting Equal Pay

While there are equal pay laws that should prevent it from happening, there are times that people still receive less pay for the same job done by another. This form of pay discrimination is typically gender-based but it's not only found in predominately male fields like construction, it can be found across all types of jobs.

If you feel you aren't receiving equal pay for the same job a male counterpart or any other employee doing the same job is, then you have a legal right to fight for the same pay. Here is what you should do if you think you aren't getting equal pay.

Do Your Research And Write It All Down

The first thing you should do if you feel you aren't getting equal pay for the same job as another employee is to do your research. If possible, find out what others in your company are making for the same job. This is easier if you are friends with other employees and they are willing to tell you. If not, do your research online and check out the company's website or job listings to see what they are listing the salary as.

Write this down and make a note of your own salary as well. Also, do some research into what your industry typically pays for the job you do. Make a note of all levels, from entry-level to the years of service you have provided. There typically is a salary range listed on job sites that you can check out.

Also, keep all your pay stubs, tax returns, and any other wage-related information you have including raises and how much your pay went up each time. If you need help with what you should document, you can contact an employment lawyer to help you.

File A Complaint Internally

The next step before you take your complaint to court is to contact human resources at your job and file an internal complaint. If you are able to prove you are not receiving equal pay for the same job as the male employees or another employee, human resources should have the means to rectify this problem.

Keep all records of filed complaints with your company and make copies of any documentation the company makes regarding your complaint. Keep a record of any judgments and communications between you and the company. If the problem isn't resolved internally, you can use this information to give to your lawyer to help make your case in court.

File A Lawsuit

If all else fails, have your lawyer file an equal pay discrimination lawsuit. This can take some time to complete, so you must be patient.

During the process, continue to keep records of your pay, and if your wages change at all. Also, keep a record of any job evaluations that occur, how management is treating you, any emails or letters you receive from the company, and anything you may need to help you win your case.

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