Have You Been The Victim Of Telemarketer Harassment?

Just about everyone would agree that calls from telemarketers are annoying. This is especially true when telemarketers call you incessantly or when they call you at times that aren't convenient. In some cases, telemarketing calls may even cross the line from merely being annoying to being harassment. And, when they cross that line, these calls can go from legal to illegal. If you think you may have been the victim of harassment from a telemarketer, consider speaking with an attorney to see if you could have a viable lawsuit on your hands.

You Never Agreed To The Calls

Unfortunately, not all telemarketing calls are illegal. However, prerecorded telemarketing calls that come in without your consent may be.

If you regularly get calls that you have no recollection of consenting to, start keeping a record of the calls, who they came from, and, if possible, the number from which they were dialed.

You can turn this list over to an attorney who can do further research into whether or not the calls are legal. If they're not, the attorney can let you know further steps that you can take to stop the calls and potentially pursue legal action.

You Get Calls Very Early

Regardless of whether you gave your consent or not, telemarketers should not call you very early in the morning. In fact, if they're calling you before eight, this may be illegal. 

Report early morning calls that occur before this time to an attorney. If you have a record of how often the calls occurred, the organization they came from, and the times of the calls, you may have a legal leg to stand on.

You Receive Faxes Without Your Consent

Not all telemarketing actually comes in the form of phone calls. Faxes that advertise a product or service and that come in without your consent also count as telemarketing.

Thus, just as you would make a record of unwanted telemarketing calls, do the same with unwanted faxes. You'll even have the actual fax, which you should retain, to prove that the unwanted contact occurred.

Ultimately, the laws surrounding telemarketing are somewhat murky and can be confusing. However, if you think you may be receiving illegal or harassing telemarketing contact, you have nothing to lose by talking with an attorney. You may be able to seek justice against illegal telemarketing. Plus, you could have a hand in stopping this disturbing behavior.

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