Having A Difficult Time Seeing Your Grandchild And Worry Your Child Will Lose Custody? Hire A Family Lawyer For Your Rights

If you have a grandchild that isn't being cared for properly, and you worry that your child will lose custody to the other parent, you want to meet with a family lawyer. Talk with the family lawyer about the chance that you could lose visitation as well and maybe getting custody.

This would be a lot of responsibility, but if you fear that the grandchild will be with parents that aren't fit or that you may not see them as often as you want, you want to know your options. Here are the things you want to ask about.

Grandparent Visitation Options

You may want to get legal documentation that you can see your grandchild. This means a court order that says when you can see them and where. This way you will have your time with your grandchild no matter what parent they are with, and you will be able to keep your relationship with them stable and constant.

Temporary Custody

If you feel the child is in danger, then you may be able to file for temporary custody. Signs of concern that could get you temporary custody include:

  • Signs of poor nutrition and health
  • Lack of attendance or poor grades at school
  • Proof of physical abuse
  • Diagnosis of mental abuse

The family lawyer may work with the child's medical professional, teacher, and counselor at school to get these details that are needed from the case. If the health and safety of the child are in jeopardy, you may get temporary custody right away.

Stay in State Orders

You don't want the other parent to take off with the child, and if you fear that they plan to cross state lines or move the child quickly, discuss with the lawyer immediately. The lawyer may need to file paperwork immediately to make sure that the child isn't removed from the area.

As a grandparent, it can be hard to help your grandchild if the parents are not allowing you to, even if you know that the child needs your help and the parents haven't been taking good care of the child. If you want to get custody, or at least set visitation, you want to get a family lawyer.

Lay out the plan with the family lawyer and take action before your grandchild gets hurt. If you feel like the child is slipping away and it gets more difficult to see the child every day, take action.

To learn more about what you can do, reach out to a local family lawyer.

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