Tips For Fighting Sexual Harassment Charges

When a person accuses you of sexually harassing him or her even if you feel you did not, you may end up in court facing charges over this. If so, you are going to need to hire a lawyer to fight these charges. Having sexual harassment charges against you is not a good thing, and losing a case is even worse, especially if you are innocent. Here are several tips you can use if you are in this situation that may help you with your case.


When accused of something like this, you might instantly become defensive and angry that the person would be saying this about you; however, this is not the best way to respond. If possible, simply try to cooperate and be patient with the process. Being cooperative may help you prove your case faster, and that is the main goal you may have at this time.

Find a motive that the plaintiff has

There is often a reason that a person will accuse another person of sexual harassment when it really did not happen. If you can figure out and prove what the person's motive is, you could use this as your defense in your case. There are all kinds of motives that people may have, and there will be a motive if the sexual harassment did not really happen.

Gather witnesses

Another good step is to gather up witnesses that can help prove your case. If the sexual harassment supposedly happened at work, talk to your coworkers and ask them if they ever saw anything like this. Talk to your bosses about it and those you work side by side with. If possible, ask the company for surveillance footage if they have it, as this is always a good way to prove that you are innocent.

Fight for innocence with the defense that there is no proof

Finally, if there is no way for you to prove that you are innocent, one of the best strategies you can use in your defense is that there is no proof that you are guilty. In order for the court to find you guilty in this matter, there has to be proof. If there is none, you should not end up being charged with the crime.  

Sexual harassment charges are no joke, and you will need a lawyer to assist you in fighting them. Contact a local criminal defense lawyer to learn more.

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