Applying For Social Security Disability? Why You Shouldn't Wait To Hire A Lawyer

If you've been diagnosed with a disability that is expected to prevent you from working for at least a year, it's time to apply for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are provided to individuals who are unable to work due to medical, emotional, or psychological disabilities. When you're ready to apply for benefits, you should contact an attorney who's experienced in handling Social Security disability claims.

Some people will recommend that you wait until your application is denied before hiring an attorney. However, working with a lawyer from the very beginning of the process can help you avoid delays with your application. Here are just three of the reasons why you should have a lawyer help you throughout the application process.

Avoid Mistakes on Your Initial Application

If you're going to be applying for Social Security disability benefits, you need to make sure that your application is free of any mistakes. Mistakes can lead to costly delays. In fact, if pertinent information is missing from the application, it may be rejected altogether, which means you'll need to start over from the beginning. Not only that, but if your application isn't thorough enough, the process can be delayed as well. When you have a lawyer help you with the initial application, you'll have the peace of mind in knowing that all the relevant information is included and that the application is free of mistakes.

Obtain Important Evidence Pertaining to Disability

When it comes to applying for disability benefits, it's hard to know what documentation the Social Security Administration will need. Unfortunately, if you fail to provide the necessary documentation, your application may be rejected. When you work with a lawyer, they'll obtain all the important evidence you'll need for your application packet. If necessary, they can even obtain information from previous employers regarding your disability.

Provide Preparation for Appeals and Hearings

If your application does happen to be denied, you'll need to appeal the decision. If that happens, you'll be required to attend file specific legal documents. You'll also need to attend the appeals hearings. If you've been working with a lawyer from day one, they'll already be familiar with your case, which means they'll know how to proceed with your appeal. They'll also be able to prepare you for the appeals hearings. In most cases, your attorney will be able to do most of the speaking during the appeals hearing.

Don't wait until it's too late. If you're applying for Social Security disability benefits, talk to a Social Security lawyer as soon as possible. They can provide you with the assistance you need throughout the application process.

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