The Great Sleepy Defense: Proving That Your Alleged DUI Was Due To Tiredness

Life for some can be very rushed. If you are a person who has to start and end your days running at 100 miles per hour, it can be easy to become tired. Sometimes, depending on your responsibilities, you may find yourself driving while tired. The unfortunate part of drowsy driving is that you may not be as safe as you should be. This can mean that you begin to swerve, that your reflexes are not as quick, and you forget to do things, like use your signal light. Driving while drowsy can appear to be similar to a DUI. If you were pulled over by a cop on suspicion of DUI and failed the field sobriety tests, you could find yourself with a DUI charge. If you need to fight this charge, here is how to do it. 

Hire a DUI defense attorney to present the facts

Though you may not have been intoxicated at all at the time you were stopped, you will still need a DUI attorney. The good thing about having a DUI defense attorney on your side is that they have likely seen how hundreds to thousands of DUI cases have played out. They know just how to present your defense and what evidence to the court. They can also compare it to actual drunk DUI cases to show how they are different.

Create a complete timeline with evidence

If you spent the day running around and had no time to drink and were not seen drinking by anyone else, this is a good way to prove that your DUI charge should be thrown out. Collect your clock in and clock out time from work. Gather together the receipts or accounts from others about picking up your children and running errands. Presenting hard evidence of a day spent busy and not drinking can make proving your claim easier. 

Get character witnesses and tout your pristine history

If you have never been charged with a crime before nor have you received any tickets, you may have a chance of getting the case thrown or have the charge reduced to failing to maintain a lane. Get character witnesses to write letters on your behalf, speaking to your character and that you do not have an abusive relationship with alcohol. Take a physical and get a letter from your doctor stating whether or not you have any of the symptoms of alcoholism. With all of these pieces that speak to your emotional and physical health, the charge can get dismissed. 

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