Injury Can Keep A Veteran From Moving On In Life

Transitioning from military life to civilian life is difficult for many different reasons. It's a completely different culture, and some veterans know the military as their first independent life move after graduating from high school. If you have the connections and mental state to make a move to civilian life, you may still be restricted because of pain, mobility issues or other very real disabilities. Take a look at a veteran's life after 8 years to understand how long these issues can pose a problem, and what you can do to get help faster.

The Difficulty Of Civilian Life As An Injured Veteran

Many veterans leave the military with wear and tear than can be expected from years of service in difficult conditions. Joint problems, back pain, head pain and a slew of other injuries can make their way through the body, even if there isn't a major event that can be blamed.

It could be the rough terrain that military service-members work with, or the heavy load that almost every veteran can speak of, even if only at their lowest ranks. It could even be as simple as the ill-fitting boots that make everything else more difficult. You have to rough it out in the military, but the military also treats (or should have treated) your conditions to keep you working.

Once you're a civilian, a lot of that support goes away. Unfortunately, the pain and mobility problems may just be getting started. A veteran with a bit of joint stiffness and soreness as they leave the military can go years without proper treatment, and it isn't necessarily their fault.

After leaving the military, you'll either need to go to school or get a job if you're not already on some sort of pension or disability compensation. You may not always have the time to go to the doctor for a specific problem, and even if you do, that money comes out of your pocket. Your housing is no longer paid for by the government, your food isn't free or subsidized, and unless you have a really laid back job, there are only so many sick days that you can take. Sorry, you can't just say "I'm going to medical" and show the results as a shield against punishment.

Disability Compensation Is A Benefit Worth Demanding

If you're fresh to the civilian world after recently leaving the military, the reality of the previous section may not have set in. If you've already dealt with the problem and feel like holding on, don't. There's a better way, and it's through Veterans Affairs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs--also known as the VA--is responsible for providing quality care and transition assistance for veterans. Yes, many people have problems with the VA because of long wait times or even major scandals, but there are ways around the problem to make sure that this veteran's 8 years of pain won't be your reality. 

You'll need to prove what's called a service-connection, as well as current conditions. A service-connection is proof that links your current problem to military service. Do you have a documented event that could have caused your current problems? Do you at least have a record of complaining about the problem? In order to receive monetary compensation, you need to prove the connection and prove that you're still suffering.

Veterans can be denied benefits, and it's understandable that a claim can be denied. If you're working on an appeal or have tried multiple appeals, contact a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process for a faster approval. To learn more, contact an attorney like Steven A. Crifase Ltd

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