Why You Need to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney Following a Brain Injury

Brain injuries are easily among the most serious medical events that a human being may be given to experience during their lifetime. According to the Brain Injury Associated of America, there are approximately 5 million individuals whose brain injury has caused permanent damage since they require assistance in performing daily activities in the country each year. These are people who could have held full-time jobs, and eventually contributed to society. If you've been victim of a brain injury, then you must hire a personal injury attorney.

You might need to receive care for the rest of your life

There are two types of brain injuries that necessitate the help of a legal professional:

  • Mild brain injuries
  • Severe brain injuries

Mild brain injuries usually leave injured individuals with chronic headaches that can be felt a substantial period of time after the date of the accident. In fact, in a research study that was conducted by Danish scientists, it was found that the symptoms of the head trauma may still lead to the development of mental illnesses even 15 years later.

Unlike mild brain injuries, severe brain injuries may lead to the loss of life. Among the most common symptoms that follow the accident are loss of speech and the ability to walk. In certain cases, the sufferer may fall into a deep coma state for years or the rest of their life. And while they're in that state, they are provided with medical care in the hope that they will wake up one day.

Legal representation is a must

Brain injuries can result from professional or unprofessional negligence. This means that they may have been caused by an accident involving an average individual, or a medical expert who performed a surgical operation that went wrong. In the latter case, your personal injury attorney will conduct a medical malpractice investigation to determine the exact circumstances under which the mistake was made. The main difference between the two forms of negligence is that the compensation package will be significantly higher if the responsibility of a medical professional is involved.

If you know someone who has recently contracted a brain injury, then you must persuade them to get legal assistance, unless they are in the coma. Assuming that their head injury was substantial, they will need someone who makes sure that they are provided with long-term care, just in case they also develop physical disabilities when they regain consciousness. For assistance, talk to a professional like Dennis Kucera, Attorney At Law.

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