Three Questions Personal Injury Attorneys Might Ask About Care

After a car accident or any other kind of accident, injury victims often benefit from seeking professional services from experienced personal injury law firms. Symptoms of injuries can be hard to spot and diagnose, and some types of health conditions can take a while to present themselves.

Professional injury attorneys consult with clients on all the issues related to bringing a personal injury claim, to get the money that families need to protect their finances. One relevant issue is the medical care that injury victims receive after an accident. Here are three important things that an attorney might ask.

How Long Did It Take to Get Care?

Timely medical care can often help to make sure that initial injuries don't compound themselves and get a lot worse. That's why good emergency care is so critically important after an accident. Lawyers might ask about the following:

  • Where the accident occurred and where the nearest health care facilities were
  • Whether an ambulance showed up in a reasonable timeframe
  • Whether an injury victim encountered a quick intake process

Especially in cases were accidents happen in isolated rural areas, time is of the essence in getting skilled medical care, to do damage control and minimize injury.

Were Initial Medical Reviews Impartial?

Lawyers may also take a look to determine whether any medical professionals who were consulted had a financial relationship with an insurance company. Injury victims need timely medical care, but they also need unbiased and impartial medical care to get a fair review of their injuries. Lawyers will often counsel injury victims on where to go for care, to avoid these kinds of problems.

Was Diagnosis Thorough?

Sometimes it takes in-depth testing to diagnose sprains, strains, whiplash, soft tissue injuries or other kinds of common health problems caused by an auto accident or other blunt force accident. Lawyers will look to see if doctors ordered common sense medical tests to diagnose for a range of conditions.

All of this is part of the work that skilled personal injury attorneys do to represent their clients in local courts. Injury victims rely on injury law firms to do the necessary fact-finding and research to support their claims, and on individual accident lawyers to keep them informed about their legal rights and options. Examining the full context of the case is a major part of serving these clients in making sure that their voices are heard throughout the legal process, to get them the best chance at settlements and awards that they'll need in recovery.

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