Divorce Lawyers And Alternatives To Hourly Billing

Understanding how to set up payments for an attorney can be daunting. You need the best legal services you can find, and if family is involved, a swift affordable outcome is always preferred. When assets and custody concerns are on the line, financing unexpected legal fees can further drown you in debt that you weren't expecting. Here are a three ways you can work with your divorce lawyer, like Stephen J Weisbrod Esq Law, for fees and payment that are outside of the realm of hourly billing, and possibly avoid the stress and cost of going to court.

1. Flat Fees

Many lawyers charge by the hour. If you have never gone through court proceedings, you will be surprised at how quickly the hours can add up. There is more than just an initial meeting and then a hearing. Legal fees include research, and time for you to confirm details and ask questions. There are lawyers that can assess a case and suggest a flat fee during an initial meeting. If you can bring your case in an organized fashion to this first meeting, you have a better chance of negotiating a flat fee and payment plan with your family law lawyer.

2. Legal Insurance

A great option to keep you covered for any type of legal issue that might come your way is legal insurance. This might be offered through employers at the start of employment or open enrollment. If you have a feeling you might have upcoming legal fees in your future, signing on for this insurance will safeguard you from costs you cannot afford. Equipped with legal insurance, you can focus on your case, instead of putting all of your effort into trying to pay your legal fees.

3. Quality Mediation And Settling Out Of Court

If you are going through a divorce that is mostly amicable, and neither partner has much capital, mediation is an option. Finding a quality mediator to walk both parties through the process and reach a settlement that is of low cost to both might be the way to go.

Most mediators have a fee per session, but can be much less expensive than a court proceeding. Check local, community-based programs that might even offer free or low cost mediation, often by a professional divorce attorney. This way you can make sure that you are in the hands of a professional, and that you feel comfortable with a mediator after the initial meeting.

Safeguarding legal protection is a stressful endeavor, but many times securing the best outcome is worth every penny. Making sure you understand all payment options available will help you manage attorney fees, while also ensuring you have the best representation you can find.  

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